El meu vessant artístic va començar amb una llicència d'estudis a Anglaterra. Allà vaig elaborar una pàgina web en anglès amb propostes didàctiques sobre l'educació visual i plàstica en anglès.

Després d'uns anys d'implementació d'aquestes unitats didàctiques, he començat a elaborar i organitzar uns tallers de plàstica en angles com són: taller d'escultura, de dibuix, de pintura i manualitats amb paper. La idea principal és muntar tallers monogràfics amb una durada mínima de 10 sessions i per alumnes de cicle mitja o cicle superior.

dijous, 26 de febrer de 2015

Question Cards

Natural Science

1-    Which part of the body do you use to walk?
2-    What’s in the middle of your face?
3-    This animal lives in Australia. It can stand up and jump.
4-    This bird can speak.
5-    What’s at the end of your arm?
6-    Name 3 animals that live in the water.
7-    Name 2 animals that can fly.
8-    A big grey animal that has a trunk.
9-    Name the four seasons.
10-     Can you name 3 different materials?
11-     Which part of a plant is under the ground?
12-     Name a land animal, a sea animal and an air animal.
13-     Name an animal with horns
14-     How do you call a little dog?
15-     How do you call a little cat?
16-     Which is the biggest planet?

Social Science

1-    What’s capital city of Ireland?
2-    What’s capital city of Greece?
3-    What’s capital city of Italy?
4-    Which is the longest river in Africa?
5-    Which is the longest river in Spain?
6-    What does USA means?
7-    What does UK means?
8-    Name a famous scientist?
9-    Which is the smallest country in the world?
 A: Monaco, B: The Vatican, C: Luxemburg
10-    Which is the highest mountain in the world?
11-    Say the name of 2 islands.
12-    Which country is famous for its pyramids?
13-    Name 2 countries where people speak English?
14-    Name 3 countries where people speak Spanish?
15-    Name 2 countries where people speak Arabic?
16-    In which year was America discovered?


True or false:
1.    The monkeys live in the river.
2.    Butterflies can swim.
3.    Penguins can dive.
4.    A bus is bigger than a car.
5.    Medicines are good for you.
6.    The buses in London are blue.
7.    Barcelona is smaller than Tarragona.

8.    Is Germany a language?
9. What’s the opposite of false and new?
10. What time is it? 11:50
11. Can you say the plural of foot?
12. Can you say the plural of child?
13. Name 3 daily routines.
14. Translate: primer, segon and tercer.
15. Finish Yesterday, today and…………
16. What’s the difference between man and men?


1.                              Name the 3 primary colours
2.    Name the 3 secondary colours
3.    Name 2 tertiary colours.
4.    Can you say the name of 2 famous painters?
5.    Can you say the name of 2 famous sculptors?
6.    Can you say the name of 2 famous architects?
7.    Say 3 adjectives to describe a picture.
8.    What can you do with clay?
9.    Name the 7 colours of the rainbow.
10.           Say 2 things you know about Van Gogh.
11.           What’s the difference between portrait and self-portrait?
12.           Name 3 materials to do art.
13.           What’s a mandala?
14.           Name 2 warm colours.
15.           Name 2 cool colours.
16.           Name an impressionist artist.

1.          How many fingers have you got?
2.          How many legs have got 2 rabbits?
3.          How many months start with the letter J?
4.          How many pieces have a domino?
5.          How many players are necessary to play football?
6.          How many minutes are in 3 hours?
7.          How many days are in a year?
8.          How many corners are in a triangle?
9.          How many hours are in a weekend?
10.     Name 3 geometrical figures.
11.     Calculate the area of a square of 4cm/side.
12.     How old is a person born in 1986?
13.     How much is 10 times 11?
14.     How much is 30+10+17.
15.     How much is 50-20+12.
16.     How much is 60:10?


1.          How many players are necessary to play volleyball?
2.          How long does it take a football match?
3.          Name a sport which needs a stick.
4.          Name 3 water sports?
5.          Name 2 individual sports?
6.          Name 2 pair sports?
7.          Name 3 sports that they don’t need balls?
8.          Say the name of 5 Olympic sports.
9.          Name 2 famous cyclists?
10.     What’s the name of football in America?
11.     What’s the meaning of penalty and corner?
12.     Name 3 sports that you need to use a small ball.
13.     What’s Paralympics mean?
14.     How often are Olympics games celebrated?
15.     How do you call a person who swims?
16.     What are the colours of the Olympic medals?

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